Dymchurch  and District Sea Angling Safety Policy

In 1998/9 the R.N.L.I introduced a Sea Safety initiative by the name of Sea Check (Safety.Equipment.Advisory) Check headed by the R.N.L.I Sea Safety division and 500 trained volunteers.

From that day to this the only objective is to give people who use the water for pleasure “Free Safety Advice “  so that if the unexpected was to happen you would be as best prepared as possible to deal with the situation,  also you might be in the position to help someone else who needs assistance.

Over the years that R.N.L.I Sea Safety has be in operation” The club” has embraced this scheme with great enthusiasm by having annual Lifejacket clinics and Advice On Board checks on members boats,   these have been done in groups and on individuals boats which are carried out in a very informal, friendly , No Pass or Failure situation, just advice to help you in a possible dangerous situation to keep you and your crew safe, plus regular updates on safety equipment that is available.

We have at “The Club” Nigel Packer who is the Community Safety Officer for the R.N.L.I (based at Dungeness Lifeboat Station ) and along with Roger Gillet who is the Lifeboat Operation Manager at Dungeness Lifeboat Station  and is also attached to R.N.L.I Sea Safety,  keep us abreast of new developments in sea safety, conduct the Lifejacket clinics and boat safety checks, they also have their own boats and are very keen anglers (when time allows).

If you have any queries to do with Sea Safety , these are the people to have a chat to.

The Dymchurch and District Sea Angling Club has two Tractors for assisting members launch their boats. These tractors which although not very pretty to look at but safety being the “name of the game” are regularly maintained (on a rotor system by members). Also members who use them always wash them down after a fishing session along with their boat , which means the tractor is ready for use at any time by other members who wish to use it. We have a service Log Book to note what servicing and work  has been carried out and a  record of any faults that have occurred that needs to be rectified with the tractors , plus for new members there is a comprehensive induction so you are fully conversant with the controls and handling of these tractors.






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