Dymchurch  and District Sea Angling Introduction

Welcome to the Dymchurch And District Sea Angling Club Website

The Club was founded in 1959 by five local anglers and is called the “Dymchurch and District Sea Angling Club” it was a beach and boat club with members boats which were 12ft clinker boats generally fitted with Seagull outboard engines (known affectionately as the sailors kit bag) and they would venture out to the coal barge about 2 miles offshore,( all boats at that time were hand launched!)

Beach anglers had their fair share of success (Like the boat anglers) with catches you can only dream of now. From the late 1990s the beach fishing dwindled and gradually lost popularity, and finally the beach fishing section was dropped, although some members still fish from the beach.
All is not lost though, with larger boats, engines and up to date electronics, Fish finder, G.P.S.  and not forgetting the all important Marine Band V.H.F Radio fishing grounds are more accessible.

With all the changes that have taken place over the years the foundation of the club remains the same.
Firstly,  people that take out membership to the club enjoy the experience of a very friendly and easy going club which has an abundance of very experienced sea anglers who are only too willing to help you, whether  you ‘re  a beginner  or an experienced angler to the sport.

Secondly, that we take your safety very seriously, whether you are driving the launching tractor (comprehensive training will be given), or going to sea. We’ve had for many years a very close bond with the R.N.L.I.  and especially Dungeness Lifeboat Station and through their help and advice on matters of Sea Safety , Life Jacket  clinics and  Advice On Board checks on our boats (which is free) the club has obtained  an unblemished safety record.

As a club we are always looking forward to improve, so we have regular monthly meetings at the Dymchurch Royal British Legion Club on the 1St Tuesday of the month to discuss forthcoming fishing competitions  or any business to do with angling (over a pint or a cup of coffee). The most exciting project undertaken in the clubs history was the purchase in 2011 of the “Rocket Shed” which houses our two launching tractors. But this is just the beginning, now we are the owners of the building we have planning consent to improve this building with a room above the tractor storage for meetings   and instructional classes; when finances are available.

Please take a minute to look through the Website and see what’s on offer and we very much hope you will down load the membership form and we will see you at the next monthly  meeting “At the Legion”.........And we have you well and truly HOOKED!!!






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